Scholarly Pursuits

Salvia clevelandii (alpine cleveland sage) & hummingbird

Website Redesign Plan

In Spring 2021, my Information Architecture class asked us to develop a website redesign/reorganization plan intended for a client, real ...
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Social Media, Identity, & Self-Expression Survey screenshot on Google Forms

Survey Research Proposal

In Spring 2020, the culminating project in my Research Methods course was a proposal for survey-based research, including thorough literature ...
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Excel Basics handout screenshot

Instructional Planning

In Spring 2020, the culminative effort of my Instructional Design (non-K12) course was an instructional design plan for a topic ...
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Scatterplot of engagement metrics over time

Twitter Data Analysis

In Fall 2020, the final group project in Problem Solving With Data asked us to use newly-learned R and Python ...
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Cultural Timeline

Open in new tab Asked to create a timeline on a humanities-related topic of our choosing for a Fall 2020 ...
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Web UX final report prototype screenshot

UX Prototyping & Evaluation

In Spring 2020, my Web Usability class asked us to practice design prototyping techniques on a variety of web interfaces ...
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