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Twitter Data Analysis

In Fall 2020, the final group project in Problem Solving With Data asked us to use newly-learned R and Python skills to analyze tweets to answer self-selected research questions aimed at addressing some kind of social good. My two-person team opted to look into Disability Twitter, a topic I proposed. I also pulled, filtered, and merged the data, as well as performing a large chunk of the content analysis and writing the corresponding sections of the report.

Final report (PDF) on Google Drive

While there are many aspects of the analysis I would do differently under other circumstances (see p. 28), it was a great opportunity to match my interest in/knowledge of a Twitter community with developing technical skills.

Personal & Volunteer Portfolio

JavaScript Quote Randomizer (Glitch)

A fun project to display quotes from Schitt’s Creek character Moira Rose alongside dictionary definitions for her esoteric vocabulary choices.

Explore the project code on Glitch.