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#VeganMoFo Day 8: If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Learning to make bread is, by all accounts, a lifetime pursuit, and I’m not nearly dedicated enough to aim for greatness.

But I can aim to improve over time.

So this is my attempt to make baguettes. I think I’ve made them… 3 or 4 times before? And they usually turned out kind of awkwardly shaped and pale colored, but decently baked on the inside.

Today’s batch was an improvement. Still far from the standard, but better.

The slashes didn’t spread except in a couple places, but the seams on the side sure did. The crust didn’t brown as much as I hoped, but it did get a halfway decent crunch. I used sourdough in the poolish but there wasn’t much tang in the end result. Plus I did manage to split the dough into precisely measures thirds and it was a consistency that was easy to work with for all the stretches and folds.

Dividing up the dough


Folding into loaves


Rolled into batons for a final proof




Final result


Inside shot (yum)


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